Friday, April 20, 2012

11 months old!

Our Annabelle is 11 months old! I know all parents say this and it probably gets annoying to hear, but I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST THE TIME HAS GONE! I am kind of an emotional mess about it, but I'll save all of those sappy details for the big birthday which is now (one day less than) a month away!

Yesterday after I got home from work I changed my girl into a cute little dress, put an adorable flower headband over her tiny little curls and we had ourselves a fun little "photo shoot"to mark her 11 month of life!  

     I CAN'T get enough of these gorgeous eye lashes!

     I adore these toothless smiles!                    

Oh how I love this sweet girl. She has blessed my life in more ways than I will ever be able to express. She is growing so quickly! And although these constant changes that are happening too quickly are hard on my heart, I am also really enjoying watching her become this beautiful, smart, funny little girl that she is. I can't wait to celebrate her birth next month, to celebrate HER.

p.s. Thanks for the super cute headband, Rachel! And for the beautiful quilt that made an amazing backdrop, Auntie Camille!


  1. She is seriously cute, I know everyone says that on blogs but I mean truly stunning! I saw your comment on another blog and thought I'd check you out as I'm a fellow blogger/ mother although my son is 7.Rx

  2. your daughter is so, so beautiful! i am so happy to be your newest follower! happy 11 months stunning Annabelle :)

    xo, amanda

  3. adorable baby! Im a new follower just saying hi :)