Friday, May 4, 2012

Friends and Babies.

I realized I never posted any pics from my Spring break back in March. Annabelle and I traveled home to NY to visit my family and friends for a wonderful week. It was, of course, way too short. But it was so nice to see everyone.

The hardest thing about our move to FL has been missing my family and friends. I have learned that it is REALLY hard to make friends as an adult. I have met many friendly people here, but its really hard at this time in my life to make true, there-whenever-you-need-them friends. Everyone has their own agendas and schedules and daily lives to run, so it's really hard to take the time to build new relationships. It doesn't help that I have some really amazing friends back home, and some of them have some adorable built-in-best-friends for Annabelle.

I love watching my friends as Moms. Being far away I don't get to see it in action very often. I LOVE being a MOM, and it makes me so happy to see my friends as Momma's too. And I especially love seeing OUR BABIES playing together. It makes my heart very happy.

Looking through the pictures on my computer, I just realized that the only pics I took on my actual camera  are of my friends and our babies! Everything else I took on my phone. I guess I brought out the camera for the REALLY special stuff! :)

So here are some pics from three visits with three of my beautiful friends and their gorgeous babies!

First a visit with Sarah and E-man!

Then we had a visit with my long-time friend Jaclyn who just had her third gorgeous baby! She makes Mommy-hood look so easy, I don't know how she does it. Jaclyn- you may not know it, but you are a HUGE role model to me!Her middle baby is two months older than Annabelle.  Her name is Isabelle- so we have our two little Belle's. They were SO cute together!

And the last of our friend-baby get-togethers was Annabelle's birthday twin, Sunny. Her Momma is my dear friend, Megan. I have explained our friendship before- but I seriously just LOVE "our story". We met briefly in our childbirth classes. But our true friendship began when we gave birth to our baby girls right next door to each other in the hospital. Our girls are three hours apart. Megan heard Belle's first cry and I heard Sunny's. And the day we each took our baby girl home from the hospital we talked briefly, congratulated one another and exchanged numbers, in hopes of meeting up for walks around the lake with our new babies. Little did we know a true, honest friendship had been born along with out babies. A friendship for us and for our girls. I get teary eyed just thinking of them. Miss you, girls!
Annabelle (left), Sunny (right). 
The day they went home from the hospital!

And now, our BIG girls!
Pretty near impossible to get them to BOTH look at the camera at the same time!

Nothing cuter than two beautiful babies in diapers!

 "Give me back my binkie, Annabelle!"

Well, thats all for tonight. Ryan has this weekend off (Sat-Mon), first one in quite a long time. So I'm taking Monday off too. We're gearing up for a (long) fantastic family weekend here.

Question of the week- please leave a comment and share-what do you find most helpful in dealing with being far away from your friends? And share any experiences you've had with making new friends as an adult.


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