Friday, April 15, 2011

Worst blogger ever award?

So it's a definite. I am the worst blogger ever. It has been 9 weeks since I posted last- NINE WEEKS! I am a real slacker!

I don't mean to make excuses but the main reason I haven't been blogging is because of Grad School. Yes, the classes are tough and the work load is crazy- but thats not even the real reason. I just feel like my laptop and typing= homework. So the last thing I ever want to do in my free time is pick this thing up and start writing away, even if this writing is enjoyable! So there, thats my excuse! Hope it works for you! :)

I have made a promise to myself to update every week from here on out, at least 'til the end of my pregnancy anyway- who knows how crazy life will be after that! ( I will still blog- just don't know how often!)

I think it would be way too overwhelming for me to try to catch everyone up on EVERYTHING from the past NINE weeks of this pregnant for now I will just update on some of the most exciting stuff!

Well I guess I should add the last few ultrasound pictures since I never got around to that! We had an amazing 3D ultrasound at 28 weeks (7 whole weeks ago!) Here are some of the pictures from that-

                                                              Her cute little foot!

And her beautiful little face <3

I just love these pictures! And I can't wait to kiss that face!

Here is a belly shot from around that day~

I had my first baby shower on March 12th. This one was mostly friends. It was a wonderful day. A very weird, surreal day though! I just could not wrap my head around the fact that this was MY baby shower!
I felt very blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! I appreciate everyone who came and shared in this baby excitement! Here a a few pics from that day-

Super cute (and yummy) cake!

Lots of wonderful gifts!

Thanks, girls <3

Me and my Mamma

Week 32- Baby Bump-

A few weeks later on April, 2nd (at 33 weeks) I had my second shower which was mostly family. I LOVE my family! It was so wonderful to have everyone together in one place. I am so blessed to have such great people in my life. I am also very grateful that I am able to bring my little girl into such a loving environment! Thank you so much to everyone who came, I love you all!-

An owl cake that I made! First time ever decorating a cake- I cut it out to that shape and everything!

Opening gifts

Handmade blanket from one of my wonderful Grandmothers! (Thank you Grandma Jan!)

Me and my sister <3

Adorable diaper cake made by my cousin Amanda and Aunt Diana (thank you!)

3 Generations (soon to be 4) on my Dad's side. My Aunt Darlene and Nanny

3 Generations- Mom, Grandma Leigh and Me.

Week 33- Baby Bump-

Last week (34 weeks) we had another ultrasound to check baby Annabelle's growth. And she is looking wonderful! They weighed her at 5lbs- my health baby girl! She's doing really well for growth- in the 42nd percentile which is really great! We didn't get great shots to take home. The ultrasound tech tried to get us another 3D face shot, but Annabelle had different plans. Her hands AND feet were in front of her face the entire time! No matter how much the tech shook my belly (and boy did she shake)- Annabelle was not moving! stubborn little girl! but it was nice to see her again! She even got the hic-ups during the ultrasound. I have been feeling her hic-ups for a long time now (and I LOVE it) but seeing it and feeling it at the same time was VERY cool! I still can't believe there is a little LIFE growing INSIDE of me!

34 week Baby Bump!

We also started childbirth classes that night (last Thursday). Well, I did anyway! Ryan couldn't get off of work because some of his coworkers were on vacation- so my mom went with me. The class was basically a run down of the stages of labor- which basically I have read about a million times over, but it was nice to hear the things said out loud and to be able to talk about them. The nurse who was giving the class was wonderful and made me feel very confident in the choice I made to give birth at this hospital. i filled Ryan in on all the good stuff though, don't worry!

Then last night was the second week of childbirth class and Ryan was able to come to this one (he will be coming to all the rest too, yay!) We continued talking about the stages of labor and mostly about delivery itself. The woman giving this class was another Labor and Delivery nurse and once again, made me (and Ryan) feel very comfortable with the idea that we would be going through this HUGE experience with these women by or side. I feel totally confident in their abilities- and thats only after one meeting! It was really nice to have Ryan there with me. I love seeing him in these situations- I could not have asked for a better man to be starting a family with. I cannot wait to see him as a Daddy- he is going to be the best, he already is. I am so blessed.

So thats brings us all up to today- 35 weeks! Thats right 35 WEEKS- which means 35 DAYS...DAYS people! And... finally a picture from today- 

35 week Baby Bump

So thats the update, thanks for following along!