Monday, August 29, 2011

The hardest part of parenthood...

...seeing your baby in pain. :(

As most of you know, last week we had a 5 night stay at Saint Josephs Children's Hospital, after Annabelle was admitted for a UTI/Kidney Infection. (8/17-8/22)

On Wednesday night, the 17th we took Belle to the ER after a whole day of checking her temperature, and plenty of "what should we do's?" All day she had been quite sleepy and warm. The tough part about babies is they can't tell you whats wrong. We thought that most likely she was teething. As we had noticed a few days here and there where she would be like this, sleepy, needy, low temp and CHEWING on her hands. Everything I read and everyone we talked to suggested it was mostly likely teething. Also, a week before we had taken her to the ER when she had a temp of 101.1*- they took a few tests and told us there was nothing worrisome they could see. They also told us that they weren't a children's hospital and that if we noticed any further symptoms they suggested St. Joes. Looking back now I'm thinking- why the heck didn't they send us there right away?!- VERY frustrating.  When we were at that ER they did a blood test where they pricked her finger and took like 20 minutes to squeeze blood from her tiny thumb. It was aweful, she screamed through the whole thing.  So that day last week, when she was showing similar symptoms we were hesitant to take her to another ER- not wanting to put her through all of that again, if she was indeed, just teething. We battled with the decision all day.  Her temp was up and down but finally at around 9pm we checked again and it had reached 102. 2*- we quickly got all of our things together and were out the door- on the way to Saint Joes- the RIGHT hospital this time (we're new to town, we didnt know before!) The whole 15 minute drive to the hospital was aweful- we knew something was really wrong, poor baby was sleeping but making very heavy sighs and deep breaths the whole way. When we got to the hospital her temp was 104.4*! I felt so bad- a week before I was sick with a temp of 102* and felt more miserable than ever, and I couldn't stand the fact that my poor little baby was feeling that pain, and more.

The people at St. Joes were amazing. The Doctor came in quickly and by her symptoms knew right away that she either had a UTI or pneumonia. So they did a urine test to test for UTI and an xray to check for pneumonia. Sure enough she had a UTI which had caused a Kidney Infection. We were told that UTI's are very common in little girls, and if not detected early enough, can lead to Kidney Infections. I was so upset that she was being admitted and felt terribly responsible. I also was angry- almost certain that when she was really sick the week before and we brought her to the other ER she was suffering from this UTI and they didnt even think to check for it. I was and still am very upset that they were not able to catch it earlier, which would have been able to avoid the Kidney Infection and this whole hospital stay all together. I also felt guilty- like there was more I should have or could have done. When thinking reasonably I know that we did our best- but I still feel bad that she was uncomfortable and in pain for that much time.

She makes some wonderful spit bubbles!

All of the Doctors, Nurses, Techs, and Staff at St. Joe's were amazing. But seeing my little girl hooked up to an IV and going through all the uncomfortable, and even painful tests she had to have was heart-wrenching.

She was very interested in her IV-

 But my little girl, she is amazing-she is strong, and even though she is the one not feeling well, she already knows just how to make her Mommy feel better.
Smiling at Deon, one of the Techs, while he was taking her blood pressure. So sweet.

It was a very long, exhausting 5 nights...

A few visits from Grandma and Grandpa made all of us feel a little better about everything.

We were so very happy when the Doctor told us we could take our girl home. But more than anything we were happy she was better and so extremely thankful for the care she received.

There truly is nothing worse for a parent than seeing your child in pain. The whole time I just wished that I could take that pain from her- I wanted to be the one going through all of the uncomfortable and scary tests. It was just one of many experiences I have had in these short three months of her precious little life that have made me realize how much I love her, and how much I will do anything for her. She is my girl, my whole world. I am truly grateful that she is in general, a very healthy baby, and that times like these are not a part of our everyday life. I know we are truly blessed and I am forever grateful for the  miracle that she is- she is such a blessing.

We love you, baby girl (right up to the moon, and back).

In other Annabelle News, going back a few weeks-

She recently started enjoying playing on her Play Gym

The enjoyment only lasts about 5 minutes or so, but we'll take it...

She HATES tummy time, but her neck is REALLY strong, so we'll just have to find other ways to strengthen her arms :)
But I did manage to catch this shot quickly... (8/16)

...before it started to turn into the usual Tummy Time Melt Down
"you better pick me up lady, or you're ganna hear about it"

I am SO thrilled to report, that my baby girl LOVES books! She becomes very quiet and attentive and stares at the book or the reader as soon as a book is read. Its adorable, and I am so proud and we LOVE reading to her!

I really LOVE stuffed animals that go with books!

Oh, and while we were in the hospital, Belle was weighed a few times. My little girl now weighs 13lbs, 13oz at 3 months old! She is growing so quickly. Oh how I love my little chunky monkey. I mean- just look at those delicious cheeks!

Love, Love, Love you!

Thanks for reading, more to come shortly (hopefully sometime this week!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing Catch Up (A photo dump)

The post of little words, but many photos-

Since I have been such a slacker with my blog over the past few months, I decided to do a quick catch-up. So this post will be a cover-all of the past 3 months, mostly new photos (not already posted on Facebook) with brief descriptions. Once we are caught up, i will (try to) post every week!

Hope you enjoy!

The first three months of our precious baby girls life-

LOVE the peeling newborn skin!
(May 31st- 12 days old)

Family Cuddles

(June 3rd- 15 days old)

(June 5th- 17 days old)

Lovin' up on some Scollin's

(June 7th- 19 days old)

Alyssa Cavallo...holding a baby
(I adore seeing you hold my baby, by the way)

(June 9th- 3 weeks old)

Pretty in Pink

(June 10th- 22 days old)

First Fathers Day

(June 19th- one month old)

First Independence Day

(July 4th- 6.5 weeks old)


(July 22nd- 9 weeks old)
    Photo by Miles Carrier         

Pretty Little Headbands

(July 27th- 10 weeks old)

Night time snuggles with Daddy

(July 29th)
      (Please excuse my dinner on the changing table...haha)

First pig-tail :)

(July 30th)

Exploring Downtown Tampa

(July 30th)

                            How cool are these fountains?

                        I really love this wall

      (Rule #6- uuummmmmm?!?)

How can you NOT love her?!?

(August 2nd)

Best thing to wake up to...ever.

(August 3rd- 11 weeks)

A very sick Mommy

    Remedy for sick Mommy- relaxing bath time, and baby cuddles. (Yes, the second photo is blurry- but I included it- because it pretty much shows how I felt.)

A visit with Grandma's Friend

(August 5th)

Someone has had a grumpy couple of weeks
(only wants Mommy- otherwise, she freaks out- see?)

(August 5th)

              Grandpa working his magic, trying to calm the screaming baby!

Lovely Family Sundays-
Church followed by lunch

(August 7th)

Changing Table Chats <3

(August 7th)

Evening Walks Around the Neighborhood

(August 13th-12 weeks)

Naked Baby, Keeping Cool
(And being super cute at the same time!)

(August 13th)

                                            Absolutely Delicious, from head to toe!

      Quite possibly my favorite photo so far...I just love this face!

So there you go- the past 3 months all rolled into one post! Hope you enjoyed!