Friday, March 2, 2012

Christmas (Finally!)

Finally getting around to posting the pictures from our Christmas!

Annabelle and I spent the week before Christmas up in New York visiting family and friends. We had such a wonderful time. I miss everyone so much! Trips home are so nice but they make me miss being there even more. It was so nice to see everyone- I love and miss you all!

The trip went way to quickly but was so wonderful! In a very short week we moved around a lot and saw lots of family and friends! After the Stevenson Family Christmas Party we had an all too short, few hour visit with my Aunt Darlene, Nanny, and Dad.

      (Great-Aunt Darlene)

Then it was movin' on up even further north to our wonderful hometown! Filled with lots of warm-welcomes, get-togethers, hugs, and a few tears!

                               (Great Grandma Bonnie)

                              (Birthday Twin and BFF!)

       Baby Play Date!

                              (Godmomma Bridget)

Lots of much needed time was spent with my parents, sister and brother. Words can't even describe how it felt to have all of these people that I love in one house together for a few days. I loved seeing Annabelle with them. I feel bad that she doesn't get more time with them, even though I know she knows who they are and how much they love her!

                                 Playing with Aunt TT

     Spending time with Grandpa!

And on our last day- it snowed! Annabelle's first snow! :)

This was the day we were leaving- heading out to airport actually- so it was pretty sad. I love my parents so much and miss being so close to them. But we had a fantastic visit and will be back again soon. (actually since I waited SO long to post these pics, that visit is now ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY!)

When we got back to Florida, it was the day before Christmas Eve- and after a busy week of traveling and visiting I was SO ready to relax and enjoy my all time favorite holiday!  And enjoy we did...

And- Christmas morning, my first baby's first Christmas! I can't put into words how much it meant to me. I have always LOVED Christmas, would go so far to say that I have a slight obsession with the holiday. But Christmas now? 1 million times better watching it all happen with my beautiful daughter at the center of it. All the Christmas trimming- the dressing up for Christmas mass, the delicious food, the mulled wine, the beautiful tree, the perfectly wrapped presents, the music- all of those things were better. They tasted better, sounded better, felt better, felt somehow even more enjoyable. I think having a child makes me realize all over again how much I love that this holiday brings families together. And having Belle here this year- made me So excited for Christmases to come. She is the reason I will make all of our future Christmases as magical as I remember the ones from my childhood. I can't wait to relive all of that magic with her. 

                                         Auntie Camille

     Opening presents with Mommy!

                                          "whatch'ya got there Grandma? Earrings for me to play with?"

And while our gorgeous little Christmas Angel slept, we DINED! Good food, good wine, good company, and a peaceful sleeping baby girl, DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!

                                           Cheers to Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families! Thanks for reading and looking, even though this was more than 2 months ago!