Saturday, October 8, 2011

September, and a visit from Grandma Ruth!

OK, haven't been here in a while! Although if you've been following this blog, your probably not surprised- I am not the most consistent blogger! I am trying to be better! So this post is a catch-up post. Lots and lots of pictures from September. 

And why not start off with some pink cowgirl boots. delicious!

My Mom came to visit for 12 days! It was so wonderful to have her here! Annabelle was only 8 weeks old when we moved here, and when my Mom came, she was 17 weeks. Even though a good 9 weeks had passed, it really seemed like Belle remembered her Grandma- there was lots of lovin' going on! :)

(September 11)

(September 14)

My smiley girl! <3

This is what happens whenever we attempt "Tummy Time"- pretty much this exact sequence every time.  Starts off OK for about 1 minute, she's semi interested in whatever toy is in front of her, but it goes down hill very quickly. And usually ends with crying, or hands in the mouth with her face on the floor.

Waking up from a nap. I just really love this baby pose, with her knees always pulled up. So stinkin' cute!

Grandma bought a little pool, and Belle LOVED it! She wasn't sure what to think of it at first, but she really seemed to enjoy herself! Hung out in it for quite a long time, looking pretty adorable, if I do say so myself!

(September 15)
 (Oh, these eyes! Be still my heart.)

She's starting to get over it at this point.

Aaaand, done! Nap Time!


Family day at Ballast Point- had a nice lunch and then walked out on the pier.

(September 18th)

Watching some dolphins! (How cool is that!?)

Modeling the awesome shoes my friend, Rachel made. Rachel is a brand new Mommy to baby Emma. Before Emma was born, Rachel was making some things for her, and sent Belle these shoes as a "test." Needless to say, they passed! I LOVE them. They are super cute, comfy, and perfect for fall!

Our baby girl turned four months old! We did a little photo shoot in honor of the special day!

(September 19)

I can't get enough of these eye lashes!

We went to the beach at Picnic Park on Grandma's last day in Florida. It was a beautiful evening <3

(September 21)


First taste of saltwater!


So there's our September, all wrapped into one post! Check back again SOON- I am going to try to post again tomorrow, about our trip to the Fall Festival today! It was lots of fun and we got some really cute shots of Belle in her little fall/Halloween outfits!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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