Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exploring Tampa

So we've been trying to get out and do some exploring of our new surroundings, fun things to do that are close by and free! We have found a few great beaches and parks.

Getting out and doing things has been a bit difficult with Annabelle. She does great, but I have noticed that even though she'll nap while we're out, in her car seat or something, she doesn't quite get enough rest as she would if she were home for her naps. On the days where we have been out-and-about when she has needed a nap, she seems much fussier and more tired at night. She doesn't have a set routine for naps. She sleeps when she is tired. And i don't plan on trying to make a routine either. So it is hard right now- to find a balance between getting out and doing things to keep myself sane and Belle entertained, and staying home to make sure she gets the rest she needs.

But our explorations have been great. Tampa is such a great area, from its funky, fast-paced, exciting city life to its laid-back, quiet, calm, picturesque beaches.

Going back a few weeks here- we checked out Ybor City.  We walked up and down the one main street- packed with bars, restaurants, and night clubs. I loved all of the old buildings. and the side walk (below) was filled with personal dedications- you can only see one in the picture below, but at certain spots along the way there were a bunch in one place. I really loved it!

(August 16th)

We have also checked out a few beaches near by. We just look up the local beaches, pick one and head out. We have found a few really great ones.

Picnic Island
(August 23rd)

We started with Picnic Island Beach. Which is our favorite so far. Close by, beautiful grounds, and also has a separate area sectioned off as a Dog Beach, which we're sure Finn will LOVE once we take him! We did a little "off roading" with the stroller through the trees along the shore-line, watched a ton of crabs run for cover when we walked by.

OK, I started this post on the 10th, and completely abandoned it for 10 days. Plus these photos were taken back in August! So in order to finish it up, get it out there and move on to mire recent news-
I'm just going to add the pics- and not bother with the words. Let the photos speak for themselves!

Ben T. Davis Beach
(August 24th)

Ballast Point
(August 25th)

Another update soon-promise! I have lots of pictures to share!

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