Friday, December 17, 2010

The sweetest sound...

So I had another appointment today. Nothing to exciting to report- met the Midwife for the first time and had an always wonderful "lady exam" (fun, fun-NOT). The Midwife, Mary, is awesome. She is very friendly and comforting. I definitely clicked with her and am happy to know that she will be there with me throughout this journey-especially for the birth. We went over the results from all my blood tests (lots and lots of blood has been drawn!) and everything looks great! We are nice and healthy! Then finally- we got to hear our little one's heartbeat again! It is nice and strong! There is nothing like hearing that sound, it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! Brought tears to my eyes instantly, just like it did last time! Ryan and I just love hearing the heartbeat! I could listen to it all day! We only listened for like 30 seconds- but it was a wonderful 30 seconds!

Only 11 more days until we get to SEE our little one again! I am excited beyond words for that day! DEC. 28th! Thank goodness for Christmas coming so soon, all the festivities will help the time go by! We will keep everyone updated, and I will be sure to post AS SOON AS I CAN on the 28th to let you know- BOY OR GIRL! I also cannot wait because this ultrasound is to check out all of the babies organs- which takes a while, so we will be able to watch the little baby for a while. The two previous ultrasounds I've had were really short- they were over way too quickly- this one will last longer- YAY! :)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE Christmas. I just absolutely love the time spent with family, the whole feeling that comes along with Christmas is just such a wonderful thing. This will be the first year that Ryan and I will have both of our families together for Christmas. his family is coming into town the 23rd. We are so excited to see them, and to have everyone together. I cannot wait!

I am heading to the Albany area this weekend for our family Christmas party. I am excited to see everyone! My mom's side of the family is very large and wonderful-always entertaining, too! Our family Christmas party is truly one of my most favorite days of the year. I love getting all of these people together!

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas tree-

Me showing my excitement for Christmas!

Ryan with our tree-

We let the tree sit for a night before decorating it-

And our beautiful, finished tree!

Some of my other decorations-

Alright, well that's all for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

<3  Amber

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