Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Day at the Park

I know I am completely skipping a bunch of things I should be posting about. I have a bunch of pictures to post and stories to tell. I am even skipping over CHRISTMAS right now! I promise, I WILL post pictures from Christmas. But that post will have to come later.  I have too many thoughts, emotions and words attached to the pictures from Annabelle's FIRST Christmas, and not enough time to write them all out right now.  But I took these pictures a little over a week ago, and LOVE them so much- so I thought I'd post them quickly.

These were taken Jan. 14th. We had  a little family trip to a park nearby. Daddy and Finn went to the dog park, while Belle and I went straight for the swings. I had taken her to this park to try out the swings back in November- she was NOT interested- cried immediately when I put her in BOTH swings.

This time? She loved it. She sat happily in the swing for a long time, smiling at me, enjoying the feeling of the wind on her face and in her hair. I love these pictures- I love how they make me feel. They make me feel incredibly lucky. I LOVE this stage of her life. She is becoming a little person with likes and dislikes, and clearly- swinging is one of her likes!  I know it sounds cliche to say- but EVERY DAY she becomes more of a joy. She is FUN to be around, she is FUNNY. Its such a nice feeling to "hang out" with her and feel like she is the best company. I LOVE love love spending time with my girl-making little memories- I am looking forward to all the little memories we will make together.

I LOVE being her MOM! <3

Here are a few shots from our day:)

Tried her out first on the big seat swing- thought she might feel more secure on there for her first try.

But she was more interested in chewing on the disgusting strap!

So we tried out the other swing...a bit unsure at first...

...but THEN a BIG smile!

                                 (There's a Daddy in the background!)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

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