Saturday, November 19, 2011

6 Months Old!!!!

My dearest Annabelle,

You are six months old today! I know that Moms say this sort of thing all the time- but I really can't believe how fast these six months have gone! You have brought so much joy into our lives, more than we ever could have imagined! Part of me is a little sad that you are not my tiny little newborn anymore, but I also LOVE watching you grow and change! Every new thing you do makes me so proud! At six months old you are SO much fun! I can't believe how much personality has come out of you in the past few months! You are really becoming your own little person, and it is such a joy to watch. 

About two months ago you one day decided you no longer wanted a binkie, just spit it out and that was that! Your thumb- the right one- has become your new favorite thing! It is so adorable! You have been smiling and giggling so much lately and I love seeing you so happy! You do this "secret" smile where you will watch someone and you will be quietly smiling at them, a huge smile, but as soon as they look at you, you stop and turn away! It has been so funny watching you do that! When something makes you really happy, and you get too excited, you shake your head and bury your face into my neck, but then you quickly pick your head back up, start smiling, and then bury your head in my neck again! It melts my heart!
It has been amazing watching you start to take notice of certain things, like toys and your pets. You have started to reach out to Whinnie when she walks by you, running your fingers through her fur and trying to grab onto her tail! You smile a lot at Finnigan and watch him when he's walking around you. It is so amazing to watch you reach out and actually grab your own toys! I don't know why something so simple makes me so proud, but it does!

Those are just a few examples of the amazing, adorable, heart-melting things you have been doing lately. It has been indescribably wonderful to watch you grow and change from tiny, sleepy newborn, to a smiling, giggling, loving 6 MONTH OLD baby! 

In honor of your half-birthday, we did two fun little photo shoots today! You are so fun to photograph- it's like you know how much Mommy loves taking your pictures, you definitely "ham" it up for the camera with your gorgeous smiles and your piercing eyes! You are so much fun!

 (have I mentioned my love for these lashes of yours?!?!)

You are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I love seeing you become you. I still can't believe you are mine.

Guess what you did for the first time today (on your half birthday, how cool is that!)?
You rolled over for the first time! Well as far as we know anyway! And Mommy got proof! I laid you down this morning for your nap. Usually for your nap I lay you down in Mommy and Daddy's bed, and I lay with you. But that did not work today. You were very fussy, and I knew you were tired so I laid you down in your crib. You fussed and talked for about 10 minutes. When things went silent I went in to check on you- and to my surprise you were not in the same position I had laid you down in! You had moved your whole body so that your head was at the opposite end, and you flipped over! From your back to your tummy! I was so shocked! We have been "working" on getting you to flip over, and it hadn't yet happened. If I'm being honest, I was starting to worry about it a little, even though everything I have read says NOT to compare/worry about milestones, every baby meets them in their own time, I couldn't help wondering why you hadn't done it yet, especially since so many babies I knew were rolling over already. And sure enough- there you go- doing things on your own time. When I saw you like this I was confused at first, I actually wondered for a second "did I put her down like that?!" then I realized what happened and I felt so proud! Before you made me a Mommy, I used to think it was silly that parents would get so excited about these milestones. Although I thought it was sweet, I would secretly think "uhh yeah, all babies have to go through that" but now, now I get it. I get it, but I will never be able  to explain it. I am so proud of you. My big, 6 month old girl.

We had a very nice lunch with Grandma and Grandpa! You are a very blessed little baby- and I think you know it!

And another little photo shoot to celebrate this beautiful day in your life!

                                        (ummm...hey, Baby Gap, need a new model?)

You have been drooling so much these past few months- we have been waiting for a tooth to pop up-but nothing yet- in the meantime, it is super adorable (although we go through a ton of bibs!)

Oh, your giggles- I don't think anything warms my heart quite like these do. You are such a joy- I wish I could find a way to truly express that to you.

You don't know it yet, but you have a best friend. And even though you live about 1,500 miles away from her, her Momma and I will make sure that the two of you always know that! It's a special little story that you and Sunshine share. Your Mommy's didn't really even know each other before you were born! We met a few times in the childbirth classes that we took at the hospital, but our friendship really started the day you and Sunshine were born! You are only about 3 hours apart, and were born in rooms right next to each other! The two nights that we stayed at the hospital, you and Sunshine slept right next to each other in the nursery. That made me SO happy. Because I felt pretty bad about you spending your first night in this world in a nursery and not snuggled up inside me anymore! But I felt so much better knowing that you had a little friend with you (not to mention the wonderful nurses)! When I came to get you in the morning- the two of you looked SO adorable laying in your little bassinets right next to each other. I so wish that we had a picture of the two of you, but like I said, Sunshine's Mommy and I didn't know each other then (so that would have been a very weird request!) After we all went home, Sunshine's Mommy and I got together with our beautiful new babies only a few short times before you, Daddy, and I moved to Florida when you were only 2 months old. But in those few short get-togethers, we formed a wonderful friendship. It's kind of hard to explain, but I think it has something to do with the power of that wonderful thing called labor and delivery, and becoming a Mommy at (almost) the same time! I think it's a connection you and Sunny will share even though you are far apart now.
(oh by the way, Sunny's Mommy is FROM Tampa! Don't you think they should move back here?!? Yeah, me too!)

   (yummy baby feet)

Thank you so much my sweet, sweet girl, for making every day of my life a complete dream come true. Your Daddy and I are so blessed to be able to call you ours. I don't know what we did to deserve you, but I do know that I will thank God for you every single day for the rest of your beautiful life. I cannot believe that you are 6 months old already, the time is flying by! I am going to make sure that I soak up and appreciate every little moment. You make me so excited for our future together. We are going to make some wonderful memories, my girl.

Thank you for being mine. 

I love you with all of my heart. and more. 

 Happy half Birthday, my gorgeous little one.


Mommy <3

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