Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing Catch Up (A photo dump)

The post of little words, but many photos-

Since I have been such a slacker with my blog over the past few months, I decided to do a quick catch-up. So this post will be a cover-all of the past 3 months, mostly new photos (not already posted on Facebook) with brief descriptions. Once we are caught up, i will (try to) post every week!

Hope you enjoy!

The first three months of our precious baby girls life-

LOVE the peeling newborn skin!
(May 31st- 12 days old)

Family Cuddles

(June 3rd- 15 days old)

(June 5th- 17 days old)

Lovin' up on some Scollin's

(June 7th- 19 days old)

Alyssa Cavallo...holding a baby
(I adore seeing you hold my baby, by the way)

(June 9th- 3 weeks old)

Pretty in Pink

(June 10th- 22 days old)

First Fathers Day

(June 19th- one month old)

First Independence Day

(July 4th- 6.5 weeks old)


(July 22nd- 9 weeks old)
    Photo by Miles Carrier         

Pretty Little Headbands

(July 27th- 10 weeks old)

Night time snuggles with Daddy

(July 29th)
      (Please excuse my dinner on the changing table...haha)

First pig-tail :)

(July 30th)

Exploring Downtown Tampa

(July 30th)

                            How cool are these fountains?

                        I really love this wall

      (Rule #6- uuummmmmm?!?)

How can you NOT love her?!?

(August 2nd)

Best thing to wake up to...ever.

(August 3rd- 11 weeks)

A very sick Mommy

    Remedy for sick Mommy- relaxing bath time, and baby cuddles. (Yes, the second photo is blurry- but I included it- because it pretty much shows how I felt.)

A visit with Grandma's Friend

(August 5th)

Someone has had a grumpy couple of weeks
(only wants Mommy- otherwise, she freaks out- see?)

(August 5th)

              Grandpa working his magic, trying to calm the screaming baby!

Lovely Family Sundays-
Church followed by lunch

(August 7th)

Changing Table Chats <3

(August 7th)

Evening Walks Around the Neighborhood

(August 13th-12 weeks)

Naked Baby, Keeping Cool
(And being super cute at the same time!)

(August 13th)

                                            Absolutely Delicious, from head to toe!

      Quite possibly my favorite photo so far...I just love this face!

So there you go- the past 3 months all rolled into one post! Hope you enjoyed!

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