Friday, May 6, 2011

38 weeks!

2 weeks until D-Day! I am getting more and more excited! And anxious! Everything is all ready for this baby girl.
I technically have two weeks left of Grad School but I only have one paper left to write ( I have really stayed on top of my work, go me!) And since I have not missed any classes all semester I could technically miss the next two weeks and it would be fine. My professors are all very understanding and since I have all my work done, theres not really much they can say anyway!
So needless to say, I AM READY! I am ready to meet my baby girl. I am ready to kiss her healthy little face. I am ready to have my body back! I am ready to see my wonderful husband as a DADDY. I am ready to make our parents into grandparents. I am ready to hold, cuddle, feed, and bond with my baby girl. I am ready to feel love like I never have before ( I already am amazed by the amount of love I have for someone unseen) I AM READY! :)

We had our 38 week appointment today- nothing special to report. Things are great, Annabelle has a good strong heartbeat. She is head down, engaged, and all that good stuff. Definitely getting ready to make her appearance into this big world. I can't wait! I am so ready (have a said that already?!?!?!?)

TWO weeks! ahh. I really hope she doesn't keep me waiting tooo much longer than that! :)

Oh and since I haven't updated in a while- here a a few most recent bump pictures!

36weeks 2days

37weeks 2days

Hopefully I'll actually post again BEFORE Annabelle comes! Thanks for reading :)

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