Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day...26 weeks

OK, well I'm actually 26 weeks, 4 days, but who's counting ;p

Today I had an appointment, just a regular check-up. At first the nurse took my blood pressure and it was really high- like 158 over 90, if I remember correctly. But those numbers really don't mean anything to me, I have no idea what they mean! But the nurse said it was high! When my midwife came in she took it again and it was all good. I think I am a nervous wreck whenever I go in for an appt!

But all in all the appt was great. Got to hear baby Annabelle's heartbeat again. My midwife is so sweet and let me listen for a little bit longer than usual. And as usual, I cried. I just LOVE hearing that strong little heartbeat! It is so surreal to hear that little heartbeat- it is inside of me, and not MY heartbeat, its MY BABY's HEARTBEAT! My goodness what a wonderful thing this is!

I also had the opportunity to talk to my midwife a little bit about my hopes/plans for the birth. I do not have a "birthplan"as many woman do. I basically told my midwife that I just want my baby to be healthy and safe. Of course, I do have an idea in my mind of how I would like it to go, and I do have a few wishes, but I really just want a healthy, safe, baby. I guess I am not the kind of mom who feels like I should or can PLAN the birth- I kind of feel that whatever happens, happens, just give me my baby girl. OH and if anyone is wondering, YES, I will be taking and pain medications that my midwife thinks I should have. I am a baby when it comes to pain and will not be trying to 'prove' anything to myself by going without- give me the drugs Doc!

I really love the Doctors office that I chose. I don't actually see the DOCTOR often, but I am perfectly fine with that. I love my midwife. She makes me feel very comfortable and safe. She is personable and funny, and actually seems to care about me, my baby, my husband and our individual situation. The nursers there are great too!

OH AND- Next Thursday is our 28 week 3D ultrasound! We are so excited, I cannot wait to see Annabelle's face and all her beautiful features! Yes. I already know she is the most beautiful little girl, ever. I MAY be a bit biased.

It's Valentines Day and I AM IN LOVE! More than I have ever been before! I have a wonderful husband, with him in my life I have learned what true love really means. And now we are on this crazy journey to parenthood together that has shown me even more what true love really means. I cannot believe that we are going to be parents, it is truly a dream come true. I am so thankful for this new love that we have created together.

I do not have a belly bump pic from this week but I will post a few from a week ago at 25weeks4days!

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